For your information:

1. Color separation fee for color pictures in cover page advertisements are not included. An additional 20% will be charged for B/W+Red advertisements in inside pages.

2. An additional 20% will be charged for advertisements in specified pages, positions and for Saturdays

3. No specified dates may be requested for advertisements on alternate days, or an additional 20% will be added.

4. The China Press reserves the rights to temporary withdraw any advertisement without any advance notice to the client under extraordinary circumstances

The withdrawn advertisement will be published on a later date

5. The China Press reserves the rights to revise or reject any advertisement order

6. The advertising charges should be paid by check. If you paid in cash, please keep your receipt for record


廣 告 價 目 表 The China Press Weekly

Advertising Rate Card


*Bonus Plan: Buy 8 get 1 free, buy 16 get 2 free, buy 23 get 4 free, buy 34 get 6 free, buy 44 get 8 free.

(1)報眼廣告每單位$180. Upper right hand corner of Front Page: $180/unit(2*2.5).

(2)內頁套紅不得指定版位. Fixed position is not available for B/W & Red inside page.

(3)指定版位或跨頁版位加價20%. Fixed position or Centerspread loading: +20%.

(4)長期廣告刊滿4次,如中途叫停,需及時報備,並于二週內恢復刊出,才可沿用長期價.一張簽單僅限一次叫停機會. The insertion order with four insertions or more, can be postponed

once and remains the same rate under the condition that advance notice is given and resumes the ad. placement within 2 weeks. One postponement is allowed per insertion order.

(5)如遇特殊情況,本報有更改版面廣告的權力,恕不另通知.The publisher reserves the right to alter the date of insertions without prior notice.

(6)表列之刊價,本報有權隨時調整,恕不另通知.The rates are subject to change without prior notice.

(7)廣告稿截稿時間為每週二下午三時. Material Deadline: 3 business days prior to publication.



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